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Integral Coach

An Integral Coach is a coach who works with the totality of a human being. This means we are cognisant and respectful of the clients’ cognitive, emotional and physical being. Working then with the thinking, being and doing of the client ensures that the shifts coaching provides will be embodied at a very deep level, making certain that the client moves forward in a different way.

As a coach I have a strong commitment to my clients and spend much time outside of the coaching sessions thinking deeply about each one. It is important to me to understand and know the individual fingerprint of each of my clients, given that they have been molded and shaped by their unique circumstances.

Understanding each individual’s fingerprint is key to working along side them as we explore ways to integrate them fully into their world. I therefore spend much of our coaching time listening, observing and facilitating a conversation that fosters meaningful insights into my client. I observe how clients: represent themselves, investigate their social world; their habits; relationship with their body; their quality of self-care; the amount of attention and energy they have available to take on change, and much more. The method attends to the person’s individuality as well as the social context in which she/he is embedded.

This along with the practices of self observation and reflection, allows my client to come to know ‘self’. This creates the foundation upon which my client builds a path of acceptance and then in the most straightforward terms, builds a competence (e.g., flexibility, courage, etc.) or competence’s to face their life situation. Practically speaking, it leaves my clients with the following outcomes:

  1. Long-term excellence
  2. The ability to self-correct
  3. Competence in being self-generating

Duration of programme

Spontaneous coaching : Three sessions

Integral / Executive  coaching : Ten to twelve sessions


Client comments

“Helen showed me how to create a vision for my life and career, which greatly assisted me in navigating important career decisions. Now, six months later, I am a different person. The coaching was life-changing and highly commendable!” – Elana Scott
“Once again thank you for this amazing journey. It exceeded my wildest expectations. The values and techniques I’ve learned have already and will continue to touch many lives and you had a significant part in that. May you be blessed and find your heart’s desire.” Cobus, Stellenbosch University
“Working with Helen is an amazing experience. She has helped me change things about myself and how I interact with others to achieve my career goals. While everyone’s journey is unique, Helen’s greatest strength is her ability to help you unravel and define that journey. She then finds practical tools and exercises to help you navigate your path. For me, simple exercises like breathing and visualization had a wonderful positive impact on overcoming my own barriers and inhibitions. I am so grateful to have met her and to continue having her as a coach and mentor.” – Nabeelah
“Helen, I am really truly thankful for your help over the past 2 years. My journey with you has been nothing short but fantastic, while remaining very focused in helping me become a better leader, mentor and helping me become a better ME. I can honestly say that I have noticed a big difference in my attitude not only towards my job, but also about my ability and myself. It has truly been an eye opening experience from which I continue to learn every day. While some things will take longer than others to grow and learn from, I acknowledge that it will remain a constant learning on my side. Thank you again for your patience and guidance and just your honest and wholesome approach to my coaching. I truly appreciate all your efforts” – Shafiek
“Thanks again Helen for your gentle yet determined approach. You’ve forced me to truly look at myself and be okay with who I am and what I have to offer. I will certainly make every effort to ensure that the skills you’ve taught me become part of everyday practice.” – Fiona
“Yet again I am in the position of recognizing your increasing mastery. Xxx has, since meeting you, variously used works like healer and guru to describe you. I have witnessed your impact on Xxx and Xxx lives. You have helped Xxx enormously and it is gratifying to see him be a calmer, more integrated him and to know that that way of being is also indicative of your own deepening journey.” – Karl
“I have worked with a coach before and found the process to be effective at identifying the issue that needs attention and working systematically to address it. Helen was excellent at helping me surface the issues and understand the extent and impact. Her techniques offered good ways to address the issues and with practice change behavior. Helen is a good listener, which was tested to the limit as I regularly include far more information than is required and tend to connect many subjects together. I have found that following my time with Helen, I am able to focus, be more concise and to listen for what is expected of me. I will continue with the exercises we identified and are confident that I am on a good path to maintain more effective behavior to achieve my goals.” – Colin
“I found the seven months of coaching by Helen tremendously constructive. Being self-employed and recently ‘empty nested’ I was battling with ‘structure-less’ days, self-doubt and very negative thought processes that triggered depression and demotivation. The sessions helped me to restructure the landscape of my days by introducing daily practices that brought in an amazing awareness of the thoughts and bad habits that stop me moving forward. Helen’s sharp eye for patterns of negativity, her insightful and in-depth feedback after each session and her deep listening ability made this seven month process very powerful.” – Liesl
“I wanted to write a special mail to say how wonderful my experience with you as coach was. I remember your words of advice, and my own discoveries every day and I really feel that my coaching (by you) has impacted my life in such a positive way. Thank you so much. ” – Helet
"Thanks Helen for navigating and being part of this journey with me. You constantly required me to ask the difficult questions of myself which was incredibly healing. I trust that we’ll be able to touch sides now and then to check in and catch up." - Fiona Ssemanda, Direct Axis SA (Pty) Ltd

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