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Recent research from The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) recently identified three characteristics that distinguished smarter teams from the rest. Their findings were interesting in that the teams with collectively higher IQs, with more extroverts, or whom appeared more motivated did not fare any better than those that did not have these qualities. Successful teams were distinguished by the following:

1) The members of the team contributed more equally to the team’s discussions.

2) Their members were able to read complex emotional states from images of faces where only the eyes were present.

3) Teams with more women performed better than those with more men.

Whilst we cannot change the last point we can:

1) Vastly improve the communication style of a team (characteristic 1)

2) Significantly impact how we relate to ourselves and one another, which in turn impacts harmony and

understanding (characteristic 2)

3) Ensure that a team has a very clear delivery focusĀ (characteristic 3)

Team Coaching is ideally placed to foster the development of these characteristics within a team.

Duration and rates

Dependent on clients’ requirements.

I am based in Cape Town but work across South Africa.


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