Having facilitated many workshops over my career, I ensure the success of the workshop by co-creating its flow with my clients and by incorporating sound thinking principles into the process.

I have facilitated  a variety of workshops including team building workshops, strategy planning sessions, new product development, company action statements, etc.

My facilitation rates are dependent on the structure and duration of the workshop and rates are negotiable for SMEs and NGOs.

Client Comments

“We found it a particularly useful day and the documentation was captured in a very usable format allowing us to have a very effective 2 hour follow up meeting where we could quickly reduce the risks to a few clear prioritised ones that need to be carefully monitored and the projects into clear actions for the next few weeks and months. It was an extremely productive session. Helen had a knack for ensuring that everyone had opportunities to speak and to express their views – especially if those deviated from the group or the leader – in a collaborative and non-threatening environment. This way, we managed to get a lot done and emerge with both increased mutual respect and a shared understanding of the challenges we face. The prompt completion of concise documentation allowed follow up discussions to happen with a few days resulting in clear action plans for the weeks and months ahead. Thank you for working with us and I would not hesitate to recommend you to other groups.” Mike McDougall

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