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Thinking Partnerships

As a Thinking Partner I offer you, through the quality of my attention, a catalyst to enhance your thinking. This attention is generative in nature and enables you to access your most creative, bold, independent and courageous thinking.

The session, which can be between one to one and a half hours, is loosely structured. Within it you will have time to think, free from urgency and interruption, giving you an opportunity to have your freshest thoughts.

With my generative attention and carefully placed questions, you will be able to think in silence or aloud. You will be able to examine your assumptions around your thinking and you will be able to construct a true and liberating statement that will ignite your planning.


Between one and two hours


R550 per session


Client Comments

“At the heart of all great coaching work lies the ability to be genuinely interested. It cannot be faked, and its absence means that the client misses the unparalleled opportunity be listened to and heard. Helen During is consummately interested. When she listens, you feel like you are the only person in the world! And in addition, she brings zeal and passion to the art and science of unleashing potential. She is a great coach!” Trisha Lord, Braveheart Life
“The thinking partnership came just at the right time for me and through your patient, silent presence and radical listening the process allowed me to surface the hidden issue that was concerning me, namely the fear around whether I have the support structures in place to allow me to go to work full time. Just being heard and allowed to voice my fears and concerns in a safe space helped enormously.” Marianne Camerer
“I found it incredibly useful to set the time aside in a structured environment to think deeply about a particular issue. What emerged from this process was greater clarity on an issue I had been grappling with. As a ‘thinking partner’, Helen allowed the process of uninterrupted thinking to run its course and then pulled it all together by summarizing the outcomes and reaching agreement on the way forward.” Nick Rockey, Trialogue
“Thank you for our ‘Thinking Partner’ session. I am of course reasonably well-informed about coaching and thinking (having read inter alia Nancy’s work) yet was nonetheless surprised at the helpfulness of the process when it is experienced. Putting things “out there” and answering questions does help one get a fuller and different perspective. Of course it also helps that you create an entirely quiet and safe space in which to think and express one’s thoughts and feelings. Both of us were comfortable with silence so that I could think about matters for long periods without any sense of ‘we must close this gap’ as might occur in a superficial social conversation. I also have found that some of the thoughts as expressed in our session led to quiet reflection and development back home. Altogether a positive and very worthwhile experience and worth repeating. ” Ken McKenzie

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