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Time to Think: Transforming Meetings

Transforming Meetings is a one day, in house workshop to help teams generate their finest thinking in meetings.

If success is defined by results, which is dependent on action, the action needs to be underpinned by thinking that is courageous, independent and able to break through any assumptions that may be hindering decision-making.

By introducing team members to the concepts of ‘generative attention’ and ‘listening to ignite’ skills acquired will inspire and re-ignite your meetings, producing results that are driven by thinking in an environment that fosters respect, appreciation and equality in thinking.

Thereafter meetings will take less time, produce outstanding results and leave every member feeling an invaluable part of the team.

The workshop design allows for a very clear skills transfer, whilst dealing with topics that are relevant to the organisation at the time. So whether it’s dealing with team conflict, strategy planning or new product development, the weaving of the workshop around these topics or others ensures the day is practical and orientated around your company’s needs.

What will you learn?

Participants will learn:

  • About the Ten Components of a Thinking Environment
  • How to use these components to create an environment that ensures that action is underpinned by rigorous, courageous and independent thinking.
  • About the four building blocks of the Thinking Environment namely: Thinking Pairs; Dialogue; Open Discussion and Rounds.
  • How to use these four building blocks which will ensure that your organisation is transferred into an environment characterised by robust, creative and independent thinking and participation of all delegates.
  • To examine assumptions (true and untrue) that may be hindering thinking and to work with them in such a way that leads to breakthroughs in action.
  • To reduce the time spent in meetings whilst creating an atmosphere that produces improved results.

Who should attend?

Anyone who wants to ensure their meetings are dynamic and results driven through the creation of an atmosphere that ensures all delegates are willing and enthusiastic about participating in a courageous and creative way.


Based on company’s needs


On request

Special rates for NGOs and SMEs

Client comments

“As I did not get a chance to thank you all for the Fabulous Workshop last week in Hermanus I would like to thank you for this. I started immediately with my own family! I also started my Success workshop on ‘Excellent customer service’ with a ‘Round’ and ended off with ‘Appreciation’ and doing a bit of a ‘listening’ training with customers.” Adele, Sh'zen Cosmetics
“Once again a huge thank you for a very successful workshop! Lots to think about and I’m looking forward to applying the concept of listening to ignite into my personal and work relationships. The girls loved the time they spent with you and I know they too have had shifts as a result of the workshop.” Ingrid Alexander, Sh'zen Cosmetics

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